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The First Woman To Bring A World Medal To Panama.

Perhaps nobody was more surprised than her, because it was an extremely significant historic deed. We are talking about the first Panamanian woman to bring to her homeland a medal won during an international competition.

Edilia Camargo, PhD., issued a challenge to the passing of time. When she had turned 66 years of age, she decided to change her habits and began training on a regular basis, especially endowed with great willpower, to participate in the International Marathon held in Panama City .

That was the starting point for her to win a bronze medal later on running the marathon race under the Master category during the 15 th World Games held in Carolina , Puerto Rico .

That medal won in a world competition for ever cast a spell on this slightly built woman with a giant heart. From the moment she touched glory, thanks to the strength of her legs and full commitment to long-distance races, everything changed for her. Training then extended to six intense days a week running many kilometres every day, often for more than five hours.

Reportedly, Doctor Camargo has said that her life has been marked by a series of determining events. In one way or another, they were all connected to her dedication to studying, her wish to better herself and an unprecedented perseverance, both in her professional life and pastime: running.

This Philosophy graduate at the University of Panama set herself the goal of applying for a scholarship to take her PhD in France . Her excessive interest was sufficient for her to depart to Burdeos in 1964 for two years. Even though she had the opportunity to continue her studies in Ciudad Luz upon completion of her PhD, her son demanded her back home and she decided to return to Panama , where she got a job as an Aesthetics professor at Panama 's National University .

After a few years, due to the complications of life, she took the opportunity to work at UNESCO. This organization would allow her to live in Paris and New York , as well as other countries in the African continent.

Her professional responsibilities did not become an obstacle to this marathon runner's vocation, who participated in nine marathons in Paris , two in New York , three in Panama City and the aforementioned race at the World Championship held in Puerto Rico .


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