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Love of sports is for Panamanians as the love they feel for their homeland. The different sports forms are deeply rooted in the heart of the people of Panama , who admires and carries their best baseball players, boxers and basketball players in their blood, as well as rising stars such as long jumper Irving Saladino, who became a world champion in 2007.

This is an invitation to admire Panama 's past and present sports history and its most outstanding figures. Reference will be made to the beautiful history forged by boxers who have covered themselves with glory or baseball players whose performance enhance baseball in the Big Leagues every day.

You will not only find detailed information about the first woman to win a world medal, but will also be able to assess the constant progress made by others who followed her example and shine at present.

Details of the national sports federations under the Olympic Committee and some relevant institutions are mentioned in this brief summary where we try to address the greatness displayed by eminent sporting figures in Olympic, Pan American, South American or Central American and Caribbean Games.

Talking about sports in Panama is like touching the heart of millions of men and women. Perhaps the strength of character shown by many people has become the main driving force in the constant search to achieve a better outcome whenever Panamanians go to stand up for their country.


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